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Added new info about the new release of Pumo Mines (v1.1) and also added new links to the all New Official Pumo Software Website (NOTE: This legacy website might not be updated as constantly as the new one, but I will try to keep it online as an alternative just in case)

Added a few new links and references to the new Pumo Software's Official Blog.
It's also embedded in the home page, replacing the Twitter timeline.


Added info about the new episodes of the Pumo Mines project and changed some details on the R.a.M. Land section

The website got updated with all new R.a.M. Land and Pumo Mines stuff.
Some unused and obsolete sections were removed, and the Pumo Mines section has been remade to reflect the new status of the project

After a long hiatus, work on the Pumo Mines project is resumed

Updated all R.a.M. Land websites, and the OST to Pumo Mines: Kartsal Mot. is remastered and re-published


Updated the PM: Kartsal Mot. section with all new content, added and changed few stuff throughout the website and also added a couple of Twitter and Facebook widgets


Small update. Added a couple

of songs to the R.a.M. Land section music player, and added a couple of rare Descent tools from the old-school days:

DesEdit and Descent Studio


The website has been revamped.

Some sections were changed and/or deleted, in order to bring more simplicity to the site and to make it more straightforward.

Spanish section got deleted, as well as the sections dedicated to very minor Pumo Software projects (now you'll only find stuff about those projects in the Gallery section).

I also changed all references to old R.a.M. Land website with the new URL: http://www.ramland.co.nr.

Also the Pumo Mines sections were updated with specific news regarding each individual project, and I added an all new Descent Misc. Downloads section with lots of cool stuff for Descent 1/2/3 videogames.

I also shut down the forum and the blog, as those were not really active anymore


Added references to new R.a.M. Land's website:


Be sure to check it out!


Small update. New tracks to listen to, as well as an album download has been published on the R.a.M. Land section. Also, the spanish section has been updated with some basic stuff on it


Another update to Pumo Software website. This time there's available an all new Pumo Software Blog as well as Picture Gallery. Be sure to check out the new stuff!


New Pumo Software website available. Now it's more compact, intuitive and easier to navigate.

Pumo Mines : Kartsal Motivation 3 Level demo v1.0 released!

Download it on the Pumo Mines section

Pumo Software website is the place where you'll find information & downloads about Pumo's projects, Mainly Descent & D2X-XL  missions & mods, like Pumo Mines, Music, 3D Art, and more.

You can  also enjoy some original music by 'R.a.M. Land' to cheer you up!

Pumo Software is mantained by Pumo (also known as R.a.M. Land / Torbernite)


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